Saturday, October 22, 2011


We finally installed our back yard sod!!! We were supposed to get it done on my birthday, Oct 15, but due to it being too rainy and the company not being able to cut it because it was too wet, we had to wait. They delivered it Friday Oct 21, and we had to start laying it, and then Bryan finished laying it on Saturday Oct 22. The pictures tell the story of the process...enjoy.

The weeds killed off

Tilling the ground

After raking the weeds and leftover hay...and ROCKS...LOTS AND LOTS of ROCKS. Bryan says there is still one left about the size of a baby cow that we could not get up. We just covered it. ;o)

The bags of weeds and hay, no rocks. we threw those over the fence into the "easement" ditch.

Bryan getting ready to water

Beginning the process. 6 pallets. We think each pallet weighed about a ton.

Our first roll of sod!!!!!! This is progress people!

Do you see how happy we are!


More progress....We LOVE the instant improvement.

AND finished product!

WOW look at that lawn!!!

Isn't it SO pretty! Thanks for my birthday present honey!!!!


Rachael Lamprecht said...

That is a ton of work! It looks good.

Kristy said...

Amazing! It looks so great! Instant lawn! Sod is wonderful! Great job! That is a lot of work but it worth it in the end.