Saturday, October 01, 2011

Kambria and Weston 3, 5 yr checkup

When Ainsley went in for her doctor appointment, Kambria and Weston did their 5 and 3 yr old appointment at the same time. It was WONDERFUL on my part! The doc had 1 1/2 hours for me and my family to check on and talk about...and now I don't have to go back fro another 3 months! And that is only for Ainsley. It was great! I love our new pediatrician! It is Dr. Pinkley and he is very friendly and knowledgeable!

weight: 36 lb 6 oz - 90%
height: 38.5 in - 65%
body mass index: 85%

weight: 45lb 4 oz - 80%
height: 48.75 in - off the charts....100%+
body mass index: less than 3%

So Kambria is a tall girl...who would have ever thought!
They are both growing by leaps and bounds and we are so thankful and grateful for all they do and who they are! We love them!

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ChristyLou said...

Holy Cow, did Kambria just shoot up all of a sudden?? Cambri was always taller than her at preschool but at her 5 year checkup Cam was only 46.2 inches! I can't believe Kambria is so much taller, amazing!! What size clothes is she in now? I'm glad you found a Dr. you like that is closer to you...too bad we can't lure you out to Bellevue though!

Awesome pix on your blog. Your kids are real cuties!