Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dairy Farm

So Weston and my friend Julie went with our neighborhood mothers group to the nearby dairy farm! It was VERY cold that day, but we decided to go anyways. It was fun and very educational!
This is one of our mothers from our group and she got picked to do the milk mustache contest before the tour. This is Weston near one of the milk cows...this one happens to be a "teenager." Here is the facility where they milk the cows. 14 cows can be in there at once, with one person working it. Amazing if you ask me! This is our little friend Braden. He is almost 2 years old and talks so well! He always replies with yes Ma'am! A Very southern little boy! Here is my friend Julie and her son Kellyn petting the cow. You can see the cows ribs, but it is not malnourished at all. That is the way this specific milk cow is. Weston would not have anything to do with petting the cows! :o)And here we are in front of the dairy truck!

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