Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Life back to "normal"

Well, Today is the first day since I went into labor that I feel like life has gone back to "normal." MaryEllen has started working again and Don is gone today. Even though Bryan started working last week, this is the first time it feels like I have somewhat of a schedule.

Yesterday was Labor day and so Bryan had the day off. Lisa and Erik were in town over the weekend as well as my friend Kristy Moon and her boy friend Alden. It was fun to have people to see and share the joy of my baby girl with. Everyone wanted to hold her and take MANY pictures of her. I loved it! But now to a regular schedule.

We went shopping yesterday for more diapers and wet wipes and we also bought some clothes for Kambria. I got a GREAT deal at savers for 3 onesies and a cute little jumper dress for only 2 dollars! Bryan was impressed even though he was grossed out by going into savers. He would not even put the car seat down for fear there were germs galore! He is too funny! I sure do love him!

So those are my thoughts lately. Also, my brother Brady stated on his web blog that he is sort of dating a girl. I am SO happy for him that he has found someone he can hang with and feel like he can be himself! I can not wait to see if it works out for him.

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PotatoJack said...

Yeah for Schedules! I am back on a scheudle too. I have been off work for a week and it was FANTASTIC, but it will be nice to be a little more scheduled. I'm glad you've had lots of visitors. We'd love to see more pics of Kambria! :) Love ya lady!!!