Friday, September 08, 2006

Plans are coming together

Well, things look like they are coming together for Bryan and his dad to go to Iowa. He will be leaving September 21 to drive out there and then have September 22 and 23 to find a place and then drive back on the 24th. I hope that it all works out. While he is out in Iowa I will be spending some time with my family so that they get to see Kambria some times too. I think it will work out well. I am excited for all these wonderful things to start to happen. I hope and pray that it all comes together. My heart will be a little more settled once it all happens. I think Bryan's heart will be settled a little more too and then he will not freak out so much.

well that is all for today.

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PotatoJack said...

I think Kambria looks like you Eliza Jane! She is just beautiful. I totally understand the stress of finding a place. We had 4 weeks to find a place and move up here. The internet is a wonderful guide to find some places to check out before Bryan gets into town. That's how i found our place. :)