Friday, September 15, 2006

This weekend

So it is now Friday and I am excited to go down to Denver this weekend and see my aunt Melanie and show off Kambria once again. It is Stake conference this weekend though and we should be going to the adult session Saturday night at 7. I think I want to stay in Denver a little longer and spend time with family. My mom says that is what the gospel is really about anyways right? Bryan said we will play it by ear and see how we feel about it tomorrow. That makes me think we will stay in Denver but we shall see.

So that is what is happening today. Yesterday Kambria had another ultra sound to look at her kidneys. It looks like her right kidney is still dilated but how big I don't know until the doctor calls and we talk about it. I don't know what this means and what the next steps are. I suppose the Dye test would be the next step, but I do not know if it entails surgery after that or what. I would like to get it in before we move to Iowa so insurance pays for it, but we shall see.

Those are the thoughts for today

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Chele said...

Hey there, your daughter is beautiful. I wish that I would be able to come and see you and your family but you know that is not a possibility at this time. When are you moving to Iowa? Sounds Like things are going great. I am do very happy for you and Bryan> Kambria is such a pretty name. It fits her perfectly. Well I will try and call you this week okay.
See ya- Michele