Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy V-day!

So today is valentines day and I sure hope the end turns out better than last night. It seems like everything went wrong. Kambria was NOT happy, I burned the potatoes, and the house STILL smells like burned food this morning, and Bryan's coat was taken by mistake and it had his car keys and wallet in it. Well the coat was returned and hopefully everything works out this morning for him. I should hear later this morning....
But today has been good so far. I got up at 2 am with Kambria and then put out 12 roses for Bryan so he could see them before he left for work at 5:15 this morning. He was VERY surprised and in a better mood. That Was my plan. Then I got up at 7:30 and "temporarily" got ready and took my car into the shop to find out what is wrong with it. Hopefully it is not the transmission!!!! Then I am at home planning on working out and then REALLY getting ready for the day. I have to some what hurry so I can figure EVERYTHING out for the fondue meal tonight! I am excited and hope that it all works out!

Well Happy V-Day and hope all goes well...

6 weird things about me for my friend Heather...

1. I like to have the toilet paper going over instead of under. I usually change it if it is the wrong way

2. I like to organize things and reorganize them. Sometimes I get so crazy with organizing that it seems like that is all I do...Kambria's changing table has been reorganized probably 10+ times in the last couple weeks. This however does not mean that I am organized!!!!

3. I cant stand the smell of orange fragrance spray. I was throwing up when I smelled it being pregnant with Kambria and now I gag when I smell it.

4. I like to have my clothes separated into colors and whites right after you take the clothes off before you put them in the dirty clothes. That way I don't have to sort when wanting to do laundry. It is already done!

5. I am NOT a phone person. I like email a LOT better. I usually don't call people back and would rather email or see them face to face. Michele Griggs can testify to this one. Sorry Michele, I do think about you!!!!

6. I HATE stacks of paper! I go through them and throw stuff away when they have been there for more than a couple of days. Sometimes I throw stuff away I am not supposed to and regret it the next day. I think this has to do with my organization thing.

That is what I can come up with. Hopefully it works for you Heather.

Now I tag Kristy,Leah and Brady. Come up with 6 of your own weird things to share!


Heather said...

PERFECT List! It was a lot of fun. I, too, will change the TP if it isn't coming over the roll like I like.

Hope your V-day starts looking up!

Kristy said...

I hope you have a great Valentines Day. Good luck with the fondu and hopefully you will have a better night with Kambira. I loved your list. I have to change the direction of the toilet paper too. Even if its at someone elses house.