Thursday, February 15, 2007

What a wonderful day...

So Valentines day turned out good. I spent most of the day decorating and preparing food for our fondue. My parents and Tess joined us, however due to inclement weather it took Bryan 2 hours to get home. So we did not start eating dinner until about 7pm!!! And then on top of that we could not get the bullion to stay hot enough to cook the food fast enough. I think if we are to do it again, I would have one pot per 2 people. That way it is guaranteed to stay hot enough! But it was fun and definitely an experience! A memory maker!

Bryan's coat was returned and it turned out OK, except for taking 2 hours to get home, when usually it is about 45 minutes! Poor guy! Hopefully tonight is better since we have to make it to the temple by 6 for Jacqueline's endowment session! We are REALLY excited for her and this weekend. Bryan and I will spend the next 4 days with his family and doing wedding stuff and just having a good time! So I may not post until after the weekend. We will have to see.

So that is the plan for today.


Kristy said...

I'm glad your fondue experience turned out ok and you had a fun time. It's good to hear that Bryan's coat was returned safely and with everything intact. What a relief.

PotatoJack said...

Well, I found out that Kevin doesn't like Fondue. So I guess I probably won't be tasting it anytime soon. :( Oh I looked at the prices for the "Melting Pot" holy crap expensive! yikes!