Saturday, May 12, 2007

Crazy driver!!!

Well it has been a while since I posted, so I thought I would tell my funny and somewhat scary story. So Bryan's little sister Amanda plays soccer for her high school varsity team. They came to Denver to play in the state playoffs and so Bryan's parents come down to Denver and we all went to watch. Unfortunately they lost by one point after an EXTREMELY LONG game. Rocky, that is Amanda's high school, scored a point within the first couple minutes of the game. Then in the second half Cherry Creek scored a point. Then the game had to go into overtime for 15 minutes. No one scored, so another 15 minutes of overtime. Still no one scored. So they went to a shoot out. 5 kickers from each team one at a time against the goalie. They each scored 3 more points. So they went into sudden death. Cherry Creek scored and then we scored. They missed and then we missed, until they scored and Amanda was up to be the next kicker! She placed the ball so wonderfully in the top right hand corner of the goal...only to hit the post and bounce back out!!!!! AGH!!! so they lost the game. What a hard way to lose!!! We still love you Amanda!

So after the game we went out to dinner with Bryan's parents to Chipotle. It was good. So after dinner we get on the freeway and then we get a call from Bryan's dad that the freeway is closed. Bryan did not relay the message quick enough for me to get the next exit so we got stuck in traffic! We sat on the over pass for 10 minutes and did not move!!! So next thing I know we are moving a little bit and come to the point where the on ramp connects with the highway. I then start seeing people backing down the on ramp. So I decide to do it!!!! Bryan thought I was crazy and let me just tell you, I AM NOT A GOOD BACKWARDS DRIVER!!! I was swerving here and there and to make matters worse Kambria was screaming and so that made me even more tense. Then cars started coming up the on ramp while I am trying to back down it! I am definitely NOT Mater from the movie "Cars", for those of you who have seen it. We finally made it down the on ramp and I made a quick turn around while the lights were red for on coming cars and we then headed south bound on the freeway.

Then when we pulled up to our driveway with Kambria asleep and everything "back" to normal we got a call form Don, Bryan's dad, that they reopened the freeway and they were on their way home! I was SO glad that I drive backwards on the on ramp rather waiting 45 minutes for it to reopen! I was glad to be home!

But it was a fun day and turned out all right. So enough for now!


Heather said...

HA! I have thought about doing that many times, but in the end I'm just not brave enough to back down a ramp. I can't wait to hear details on your Mother's Day!!

PotatoJack said...

HAHAHA! That would have totally stunk to have sat there. Way to go and take the on-ramp as your exit. you have more nerve then me. LOL. Why was it closed anyway? Just an accident?

Kristy said...

I just read Nelson and Leah's blog. What an exciting time for them. Twins are really fun, at least for the aunts and uncles. Alden's brother had twins on Aug.1st last year. They are a handful but really fun at the same time. Tell them congratulations for me. And no more crazy driving.