Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mother's day report

So it has been requested to write how mother's day went. first of all, it was a GREAT day! My first official mothers day! We got breakfast burritos since we had some people staying at the house form Tess' choir concert. They were college girls from CA and we offered them to stay at our house before my mother realized it was mother's day. but it turned out all ok.

Then we went to church and left right after taking the sacrament...because Colin was going to call from Argentina! And he did...right on time! it was so good to hear from him and to see how much he has grown in just 6 weeks time. He sounds happy!

Then we did mother's day presents...I received Crocs sandals...except mine are the charcoal and sea foam colors instead of these...

Willow figurine called angel of spring

And eye shadow!

It was great day!


Kristy said...

Looks like you had a great day. I love Willow figurines but they are getting harder to find. Do you know of a web site or store to get them. I'm sure Cali doesn't have any but it's worth a try.

Eliza said...

Deseret Book has them. That is where we end up getting most of ours. Also Hallmark stores tend to have them. Hopefully Cali ahs something! There is always too!!!