Thursday, May 17, 2007


WOW. When do we get to go again? So, if any of you know what I am talking about when I say "Wicked" then you know that it is only the best new musical ever!!!!!!!! This past Wednesday Eliza and I went to see the Broadway musical Wicked at the Buell Theater. What a treat! We have been waiting for some time, being that we purchased the tickets last year. Wicked had come to Denver almost two years ago and it was sold out by the time we heard we should go see it, so when we heard it was coming back we made sure we got tickets. This was still when we didn't know where we would be living, or even if it was in Colorado, (but we said "where ever we are we will make it back to Denver to see the show). It was sure nice to be right here in Denver with only a 15 minute drive to the theater.

So for those of you who aren't familiar with the story of Wicked, here is a brief synopsis. In a nut shell, it is the story of how the Wicked Witch of the West becomes wicked. "Glinda, the good witch is still there, but what, the musical inquires, is goodness after all? The main action revolves around Elphaba, the so-called wicked witch. Elphaba proves the popular adage that, indeed, it's not easy being green. Born a lovely shade of jade, she is misunderstood, shunned and persecuted, While this naturally takes its toll the question remains: is she evil? The answer is as ambiguous as her name. Elphaba and Glinda's unlikely friendship illustrates the fact that it's not simply trying to figure out which witch is which. The idea behind Wicked is that things are not as they seem."

From the music, to the sets, to the special effects, this musical is a MUST SEE!!!! Eliza and I have just fallen in love with everything about Wicked. We especially liked how they tied everything into the movie, "The Wizard of Oz" know, the Lion, Scarecrow, and is so neat to see how they came to be and why they share the fairy tale fate they do.

So if you ever get the chance to see Wicked, take it...and let us know so we can come too!!


PotatoJack said...

Sounds fabulous! I wonder if i could get my husband to go. He is NOT a fan of musical's. Glad you enjoyed it so much.

Kristy said...

I'm so glad you guys enjoyed the musical. It looked good on the ads on television. I'll have to see when it comes back to LA.

Heather said...

I want to see it!! Maybe I'll see if Seattle or Portland will be hosting soon.

Chele said...

I am glad that you were able to go but I am jealous I want to see that so bad. Maybe someday. Glad that you had a nice time