Thursday, May 24, 2007


So tonight was supposed to be a relaxed and calm has turned out that way in the end, but getting there was not so much.

Bryan started out the night with a sinus head ache that he could not get rid of. So he was laying down on the couch resting after talking to his family about this weekends plan. I was watching Kambria crawl ALL over the place trying to keep her from climbing up the stairs...Yes, that is right she is already climbing the stairs!

So my mom's car was broken into a couple of weeks ago and her CD player was stolen. So my dad took her car into the shop to get a new one put in tonight. So my mom went to go pick him up since it was supposed to take about an hour to install. The phone rings and it is my dad and mom is not there to pick up dad and she does not have her cell phone with her... she does this quite regularly...I think it is just a matter of teaching that generation sometimes...or she does not want to be able to be reached. Any way, dad is calling to see where she is and then I turn around an Kambria has spilled a ENTIRE bottle of dish washing soap all over herself and the floor. It is a refill bottle so it is big and is EXTRA potent!!! I am freaking out that she did not get any in her mouth and I came to the conclusion that since she is not screaming she probably did not. I scream for Bryan's help and he goes running for the camera...sorry no pictures were taken.

Instead I run Kambria upstairs and throw her in the bathtub. And then Bryan with video camera in hand decides that he does not feel so well still and is going to throw up!!!! Poor guy, but I am grateful that he was next to the toilet when he did so. So I take Kambria back downstairs to put her PJ's on and put her to bed. When down comes Bryan, looking paler than ever. I put both of them to bed and had to go clean up the wonderful "CLEAN" mess Kambria made!

Now I sit here with the two people who I love dearly, but who made this night most interesting, asleep in bed! I am finally calm and able to write it all down fro memories sake! ;o)


PotatoJack said...

What a fun night. Mine was SO boring compared to yours. LOL. Went on a bike ride, made dinner, went grocery shopping, fell asleep in the bean bag. LOL.

Tamie said...

Oh my GOSH!!!! The life of a mother. sigh, is THIS what we signed up for. Just wiat until you add another little mess-maker to the recipe and then life gets that much more watchful....I can see it all now, Kambria with tons of soap all over, wait until she finds the toilet paper on the roll...that is fun to discover when you gotta use the john. :)

Kristy said...

I love the new pictures of the family. I can just picutre Kambria with soap all over her. Have fun!

Chele said...

Love the pictures sounds you had a great night with all the activities. Isn't being a mom great. ANyways hope that everything is better now.

Heather said...

LOVE LOVE the header. I think its so great that Bryan went for the camera, I should take a lesson.