Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kambria's checkup

So I forgot to post about Kambria's one year checkup... She is only 18lbs 12.8 oz and 27 1/2 in long. So she can not face forward in her car seat until she is about 15 months old. And her infant car seat will hold her up to 22 lbs and 29 in we get to wait on buying a new car seat! In some ways that is good because Bryan and I could not decide on one and this way we don't have to store her infant one, because we don't have very much room to store stuff since all of our home is basically in storage anyways!!!!

But the doctor says she is just petite and that is ok. She is on a growth curve, it just happens to be the 10th percentile growth curve. Well, so Kambria is just a peanut!!! And we are fine with that! i cant imagine carrying around a 27lb baby at 6 months like a friend of mine has to!! Petite is great!!!

On another note. My brother Brady has decided to come move home for a while and save some money and try something else new. So we don't quite know when the time will be but we know he is coming home form BYU area. I am THRILLED!!! i always felt like Brady and I were close when we were growing up and to have him back home so I can spend some time with him is WONDERFUL!!!! especially since Bryan thinks he and Brady would get along great and maybe even take a couple of day trips together!! i am REALLY excited if you can't tell! So we will have all our immediate family within 20 minutes of each other...except Colin who is on his mission! But Tess, Brady and I will be living at home together for a while. I do not know how the whole ting will work now that we are adults and such, but i think it will be great! I also do not know for how long it will last seeing that Bryan has applied to prosthetics schools again and we should find out in about a month...and then we should be leaving either way! But for the time that we get it should be good.. so that is it for now!


PotatoJack said...

Yes, Petite is good. :) My friends nephew is 25 lbs at 5 months old. I WANT TO SEE HIM! lol.

Kristy said...

Kambria is happy and healthy and that is what matters. It sounds like fun to have everyone close by again.