Monday, August 13, 2007

Good reunion

This is a picture of Brady at the parade of homes that we went to. It is a perfect picture seeing that Brady LOVES to cook and loves kitchen gadgets! Maybe one day he will have a kitchen like this to call his own!

This is a picture at the parade of homes that they had a kids room in the basement and so they decorated the window well. I like the idea!

I thought I would share some pictures of our family reunion and the parade of homes. It was a good retreat to have all family, except Colin, home for a while. Wednesday we headed up to the cabin up in beaver meadows/ crystal lakes area up the the red feathers canyon near Fort Collins.

WE had some fun times walking around the area looking at all the great sites and cabins that are up there, wishing and hoping that one day we will have a cabin of our own to go to...but for now was just wishing. We also played card games, had fires and smores, talked, played the old Super Mario Brothers games on the x-box, and went to the lake.

We enjoyed being together as a family and we even learned about our own family history a little too. Thanks Mom for putting it all together and all the work that was done by everyone else. Bryan and I only wish that Brady would live closer so we could have more fun times like these, but I think too much family time is hard for Brady. I think he was glad to go back home this morning on the train...Thanks Brady for putting up with my child and for having fun with us!!!

We took a walk around the area and looked at all the beautiful cabins. It was a good "easy" hike.

Grandpa Dirk widdleing a propeller for Hayden.

We went geocaching while at the cabin. Leah has the gps here. Daddy holding Kambria at the lake.
Leah, Hayden, and Nelson tubing in the VERY cold lake.
Grandma Robyn hauling wood for our "service" project for payment for our using the Poplaski cabin.

at the lake...Hayden had a hard time with the cold water at first, but later LOVED it.
Tess helping Kambria like the water
Tess with grapes in her mouth...she looked like a chipmunk!
moms with babies protecting them at the fire

Grandpa with Hayden on his shoulders.
Kambria telling Tess to get up!!!
He doesn't look old enough to be a grandpa!!

Brady and Dirk showing off their mad skills of wood hauling.


PotatoJack said...

Sounds like a great time!

Kristy said...

Looks like you all had a fun time. Your family is the greatest. Tell them hi for me.

Tamie said...

look slike a blast!!! i think that my fam needs the "retreat" reuinion someday, maybe next time. It is fun to be together, but also fun to seperate. :)

Heather said...

AWWW!! You guys have so much fun together.