Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Morning at our house

Christmas morning at our house. Of course Kambria slept for part of the night in our bed. We even had to wake her up at 7:30! That was a miracle!! We enjoyed opening presents and seeing Kambria's face! Weston was clueless, but none the less happy!
Kambria got a horse, just like Woody from Toy Story 2, her FAVORITE movie, and we even named it Bulls eye just like Woody's. And of course she had to have her Woody hat, which happened to be her Easter hat!Kambria got a fun stuffed bear and book from Natalie!
Weston and Kambria opening their videos. Weston got Elmo and Kambria got Shrek...since she stepped on the old one we she can watch Shrek and not just Shrek 2
This was one of Kambria's favorite presents!!! More pretend food!

Bryan even got a few surprises...pirolines...which he guessed from feeling the package! ;o)

And a new wireless mouse for the laptop so he can play games easier!!!

And of course Weston the happy baby!
This is Kambria after Bryan put some sticky black stuff on her....

We enjoyed the morning being a family and experiencing our first little family Christmas all by ourselves!!! Then we were off to the Fairbanks' for more fun!


Tamie said...

you guys had LOTS of fun! i have yet to poast any Christmas pictures---need to get on the ball :)

Kristy said...

Looks like Christmas was a lot of fun at your house. Kids are so fun to watch opening presents.

AMIT said...

This are good posted pics.
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Debra G said...

I can;t believe how big Weston is already. What a precious family. Glad you guys had a great Christmas

ValSterByDe said...

we did that last year, Christmas morning was just our family then we went up to celebrate with family that afternoon... I like it that way! Kambria's jammies are way cute!