Thursday, December 04, 2008

Decorating the Christmas tree

So Sunday Bryan got out the christmas tree and put it together during Kambria's nap, yes it is a fake one. It was SO much easier than trying to do it with her awake. We got the lights on and then went to dinner at Bryan's parents house. Then on Monday night we decorated it for FHE. It was so much fun to see Kambria so excited. She even said that, " Mom, I so escited..." It was cute to see her trying to figure out where to put the ornaments and to hear her giggle with joy. Weston of course was clueless but cute otherwise.


Kristy said...

Your tree turned out great. I go with fake too. Much easier and you don't have to worry about fires as much. The pictures of your kids are so cute!

Sarah and Nate said...

Look at those dimples! What a cutie! Hope you guys are doing well in your new place!