Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Belle Meade Mansion

The Friday after we got into town, we decided to take a break and go see some of the city. So we drove to the Belle Meade Mansion.This is Kambria in front of "Cinderella's" carriage as she put it. These carriages were on display at the mansions horse stables.This is in the gardener's quarters.This is in front of the mansion. On the front porch of the mansion with NonnieAnd this is the "servants" quarters. So the mansion was all paid for by horses and racing. And all the servants were of course...black. It was VERY interesting to learn about all the history around Nashville before and after the civil war. There is SO much history. And it was fun to see. Some horses at the stables. Weston was a bit scared so he kept his distance, but Kambria went right up to the horse and petted them. She wants to ride one one day.

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