Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our first park outing in Nashville.

These are just some fun photos of our first park outing after dad went to his new job. Weston loved to sit and blow the dandelions.He is such cutie!!!

This is kambria rock climbing. I told her the Brady's fiancee is a good rock climber. She thought that was so cool that she could be like Rachael...it made her want to do it over and over again. She WAS really good at it. I never had to help her at all!
kambria liked to blow the dandelions too.Kambria swinging on the slide...

there was this cute little train at the park. Weston LOVED it.
it even had picnic tables in it too...we tried to eat our picnic lunch there, but there was a hornet so we had it else where.
And this is just my little guy trying to fit in daddy's shoes. He looks like a duck when he tries to walk in them.

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