Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We decided that for our first weekend that we had that we were finally totally settled in we would go and do something fun in Nashville. Bryan was in charge and so we decided to go hike Burgess Falls. So here we are on trail head.
A little bit into the hike. It was VERY humid, but most of the hike was in the shade which made it a little nicer. Very beautiful surroundings though.

There were 3 falls before you got to the big fall. this was one of the smaller falls, but you can't see much in the picture. Just a good photo op.

This was at the 2nd falls.
Along the way we saw a caterpillar
And Kambria wanted to wait until it went through her legs...

At the big falls...
This is at the top of the big falls.

And then you could go down these stairs to the bottom of the falls.

It was a little scary for me, but I told Bryan I did not come all the way not to finish the hike and see the falls for the grandeur that they are. I did fine!

this is a little video to show how windy it was from the water falls. They definitely got you VERY wet just from being close to them. Truly beautiful.


Sarah and Nate said...

You guys have been super busy! It is great to see so many pictures. Your home is BEAUTIFUL! We will miss being able to visit when we are in CO...maybe we will have to plan to meet up when we are all in town for the holidays or something!

Jan Hornberger said...

What fun pictures! Enjoy your new adventure!