Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flood damage

Before we took my mom to the airport we decided to go downtown and see some of Nashville. Unfortunately, there was a LOT of flood damage downtown, so we could not see much. But we got to see the pedestrian bridge and how muddy the water still was from all the flooding.This water was MUCH clearer two weeks earlier when we came out house hunting. They were still pumping out flood water...that is what the blue tube down the side walk is. After we dropped my mother off at the airport we went driving around town and saw all the damage around our neighborhood. Apparently this area was one of the hardest hit by the flood. When we got into town all the water had receded but the damage was apparent. You can see the water lines on the tree from where the water was. Another water line picture...you can see it is above the van... and all the dirt left behindyou can see the water line in the pile of rocks behind the car. All cars were submerged in water. This is just behind our house. This was 5 days after the flood and they had already pulled all their stuff out due to the possibility of mold from the water and the humidity.You can see it is just house after house after house of damage. And almost none of these people have flood insurance. They are devastated. It is very sad to see all the damage. Just a close up of all the damage stuff on the side of the road

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