Sunday, May 23, 2010

our move to Nashville

I just have to start this pst by showing our BEAUTIFUL tulips that Bryan gave me for my birthday back in October of last year. We planted them in our last home and were SO happy that we got to see them bloom before we had to leave. This was the fruits of our hard labor!The weekend before we packed our stuff up to move to SNOWED!

This is a picture of how Weston and Kambria helped in the packing process.

But too cute to pass up the photo opportunity!

This is the beginning of the LONG process...which turned out to be only 2 hours of packing into the truck due to ALL the help we had from our ward and from family and friends! Thanks so much guys!!! This is the process of loading ALL our stuff into the truck. A Big thank you to Don for organizing the truck as the stuff was put in! It was a BIG help!This is the truck after we had everything loaded!
And then we were on our way...not for a couple of last days with family though.

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Heather said...

I totally would have dug those bulbs up and taken them with me! Ha, but maybe I'm just dorky like that.