Thursday, March 03, 2011

Bryan's car

I went VTing on monday night...yes I now it was FHe time, but I had not visited with this sister for QUITE a long time and she needed I went...well I took Bryan's car and when I was about done, her neighbor came to the door and said he hit the car!!!!! I was so glad he was honest instead of a hit and run! It was not anything too major, except that you could not open the driver door!!! So after getting insurance info and such we have his car in the shop and he has a rental car! thank goodness this very nice man who hit it had insurance!!!! It turns out the estimate to get the thing fixed is over $1000!!! I am so glad that we are not paying for it! Too bad for the other guy!
But nothing major was done and the car itself seems to be fine...just the cosmetic look was damaged! It was drivable and the wheel well was fine too! Thank goodness!!!! So that is what we are going through this week. Bryan gets to drive a toyota camry...which neither one of us is impressed with. We like our Malibu!

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