Sunday, March 06, 2011

presents at Nonnie's and Papa's

These pictures are opening presents at Nonnie and Papa's house after our cookie decoration extravaganza! Just more as a memory for me and posterity!
My mother made each of the 5 kids and their spouses a solar oven and a rocket stove. She is helping us all be as prepared as possible for a time when we will need things like this!

This was Bryan and I's present to my mom and dad...although this was the only picture I got of it. It was an aapron for each of them and a belgian waffle maker! My dad is a waffle pro! and now he has the right equipment to be so!

This was our gift to Colin. He wanted a planner. And Chloe was helping him open it.

And this was Colin's gift to us...a family game night on the Wii. Bryan was especially happy about it.

Racheal and Brady recieved a bunch of card games.

Hayden got a race car from Weston

And the girls got princess necklaces.

Fun times!

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