Sunday, March 06, 2011

Mystery Train ride

The Saturday before Valentines we got to experience a mystery train ride thanks to Bryan's co-worker who had broken up with her boyfriend and had no intention of going on this pre-purchased experience. She gave the option to us and we took it! We even found a babysitter for the whole day since it went from 8:30 to 3:30.

This was a murder mystery that was performed on the train. We had about a 2 hour ride to this little town that they stop at and let you get out and go have lunch at your choice of maybe 5 different restaurants. (not very good food) Then you have the 2 hour ride back home where they complete the mystery. It was a lot of fun, more so just the experience of riding an old-fashioned passenger train...and having time to ourselves!

It turned out to be a LOT bigger deal than we imagined! There was about 12 cars on this train and FULL of passengers! Who would have thought!

This is us standing in line looking at the engine.

All the ladies got plastic roses...since it was for Valentine's day.

Self portrait on the train...we were in first class!

After a little while we got to walk around the train...this was the food car.

And then next to it was the dining car... There is a souvenir car. This car used to be the baggage car and is supposed to have thousands of pounds of luggage. So without this extra weight, the car really sways back and forth, Talk about motion sickness. Luckily the other cars were not like this.

Walking back to our was a little narrow~

My hand out the window!

Bryan standing in the breeze way of two cars.

Sitting and relaxing

This is the train depot. Wasn't much of a town but you can see how many people were on the train. It made me realize how in the olden days people came to pick you up at the depot.

How long the train was.

Me and my big belly standing in front of the train!

Bryan in front of the train.

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