Sunday, March 06, 2011

Zoo time in nashville

We visited the zoo one last time before it gets cold again! Not many animals were out and about...but we did see some.

Baby muskrats!!! These were fun to watch!Bryan showing off his new hairdo! This giraffe was hungry and kept sticking its tongue out to try to reach some popcorn. Too bad he couldn't get to it...but it was fun to watch his tongue! Now when we ask Weston what a giraffe says he sticks his tonuge out and in. ;o)Kambria standing like the flamingos. This is a new exhibit at the Nashville Zoo...kind of boring to me, but I guess some people like it


nic said...

Weston is is smart kid! Not too many kids know what a giraffe says. :) When my nephew was younger he would go up to people and say "I know what a giraffe says" they would always say that a giraffe doesn't say anything, then he would lick his lips (too).
too cute!

nic said...

oh and I love the shirt Kambria has on, I bought it for my daughter and my neices. Too cute again. :)