Monday, May 11, 2009

General conference weekend

late post, but at least I posted about it!
Over General Conference weekend...we celebrated my Dads birthday but we were supposed to get a HUGE snow storm so we (Nelson and his fam and me and my fam) stayed over night at my mom's house just so we could all be together and miss the storm...well we woke up to about an inch of snow!!!! So much for that!! But we had fun and did some fun things together~! including an Easter egg hunt for the kids!
Leah and Tess even worked out with me that morning! And then Tess went to work and Leah and I sewed bags while the men went to priesthood and my mom sewed some clothes for the twins! It was a fun weekend!

And I had to add this one...Tess is scraping off the HUGE snow storm in her shorts and t-shirt and wet hair with towel over take Colin to work! Way to go Tess!!!

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