Tuesday, May 26, 2009

mother's day weekend

a man "playing" in the dirt is HOT!!!

So I am still trying to play catch up. So all I wanted for mother's day was flowers...not the cut kind but the planted kind. So Bryan spent his morning the saturday before roto tilling our garden and helping me plant our flowers! It is harder than it looks we discovered! But we had fun doing it and are pleased with the outcome. What do you think?

And with all the playing in the mud, Weston decided to eat his first handful of dirt. I am sure there are many more of this to come, but here is, happy with the result...runny nose and all!

Then on mother's day itself, Leah and her kids, minus Nelson, and my mom and Colin came up to celebrate with us. Kambria and Hayden had SO much fun playing together. This was the last time they will see each other for about 9 months. They moved to Canada for Nelson's work...but only for a short while. It was a joyful time to see them play so well together!

I feel bad I did not get pictures of the twins!!! Sorry leah! We will miss you guys and want to read and see all the fun things you get to do up in Canada!!!!

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Kristy said...

You know that I agreed with your comment about men working in dirt being HOT. So glad to hear that the kids played well together. The pics are way cute. I used to follow Leah's blog but not it is blocked. Kind of a bummer. She alway had something insiteful to say.