Friday, May 15, 2009

Trip to 1

We took a quick trip to Utah for Layna's baby blessing. We left Friday only to return on Sunday. It was a needed get away and we were glad we could be there to supprt Lisa and her fam. It was fun to see her new house, which we are jealous of by the way, and let Kambria and Madalyn share in the joy of playing with each other!

Here are the pictures of Weston meeting Grandma Jetta and Aunt Sherie for the first time. And letting Kambria become acquainted with them again. It was a fun time to see them again...although that was a fast visit also...only about 3 hours. Brady was even able to come and spend that time with us also! Maybe next time we will have to make a trip to Utah just for play time with Great-grandma and Sherie!!!!
Kambria really attached herself to Sherie. She was jumping all over her! Hence the cute smile from Kambria in the pictures.


Brady said...

Great pictures! (Except for the last one.) Why does it look like I have either really thin hair or am wearing a toupee?

Kristy said...

Cute pics! My mom wanted me to tell you that your kids are adorable!

Dre said...

You look fabulous! I hope that you had fun. :)