Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Weston's california birthday

Weston celebrated his birthday while we were in california. He has kind of never had a "real" birthday party, because it seems like his birthday always seems sneeks up on me after we have moved...which we seem to do a lot of. :o)
So that is why we decided to celebrate his birthday with family in california. And we decided to do a theme of angry birds. So his sign said Happy birds day. He loved it!
I made some angry birds and pigs out of yarn and put some eyes and pther features on them.I think they turned out good.
Kambria and Madalyn showing off the pom poms.

There was a swing in the rental house. And Kambria and Madalyn ahd a BLAST swinging on it. We had to tie it up a couple of times so that people and other children...namely Ainsley, would not get hurt.
WE played pin the beak onthe bird for one of the games...Here is Weston with all the results.
The first present was from Grandma and Grandpa. It was Magnetics. He was THRILLED would be an understatement.
Showing us what he got.

 And telling grandpa and grandma thank you...

This is the thank you for Uncle Scott...and Jacquelyn for their gift of a Mater flying car.
And Weston saying thanks to Erik and Lisa for his baseball glove and ball

And Layna had to give him a hug to say thanks too! They are SO cute together!!!
 Technically it was actually Grandma's birthday that night so we gave her some gifts too...Scott and Jacquelyn gave her some new stretchy exercise pants and pretty earrings...Layna thought they were OOOHHH pretty!

And here we are singing her happy birthday!
And here is the video of uis singin to Weston.

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