Thursday, August 09, 2012

Weston's birthday in KY

The morning of Weston's birthday...
we taped some balloons up on his door. It is supposed to go all the way up the door, but I did not want him waking up and being scared that he could not get out of his room. So half door it is.

And then we had our typical streamers over the kitchen table

The ending result after Weston woke up and opened his door.

Weston showing us that he picked Lucky Charms for his birthday breakfast cereal.
Birthday cupcakes
First present is...
 angry birds game
 next present was rescue hero's astronaut
 This is the present Weston remembered me buying two months earlier...he did not forget...
 He was SO excited!
 And this was a surprise for him...another dress up. He was thrilled. No more wearing the cheerleader outfit! :o)


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