Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Warning This post is going to be LONG...
WE had a very early morning trying to get everyone ready and up and breakfast eating and on the shuttle at 7:15 to be to Disneyland by 8. We cut it close to catch the shuttle and so they had to send another one especially for us. so we got there a little later than we had hoped but it urned out great!

WE entered and of course had to get the epic picture in front of the castle! Scott and Jacqueline decided not to go to Disneyland, due to an unexpected accident that they will have to shall out some money for. But I made all of our T-shirts to match way back in March/April time when I was excited to do all of the planning, and good thing too, so that they all got done before we moved. It was a hit. WE got a lot of comments like oh so cute, and way to go on getting the guys to wear the matching shirts. But I have to tell you that it was VERY easy to spot someone from our group when we got separated. I would definitely do the shirts matching again!!!

The first ride we did was the merry go round.
 It was a good warm up for the rest of the rides for the day.
Kambria and Madalyn...

Daddy and Weston

Grandma and Layna

Ainsley not sure about the whole thing.

Ainsley and Kambria can hardly wait for the next ride...of Dumbo

Walking to the next ride with the grandparents

Weston had to make sure to get his picture in all the toon town cars!
The group of kids with Mickey..and me holding Ainsley, who was not sure of it all.

Our family in another toon town car!

 The kids with Cinderella...and Bryan and MaryEllen of course.
 The kids with Goofy...Eric being the body guard...just in case :o)
 We had to ride the cars the kids could drive. Kambria, Madalyn and Weston all in the driver seats!
 With Aladin
 Weston climbing the rope at Tarzan's tree house
 Kambria climbing it. She eventually made it to the top!

 Self Portrait in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
 Ainsley waving from the line for the train.

The epic family picture...Minnie Mouse
This is what Disneyland produced... A VERY tired baby girl! She was EXHAUSTED by the time we got her to bed around midnight. 
The trip was fun and many memories made. If I were to do it again, I would make it at least a three day event to get the most in for your money. But one day was fun and hopefully these pictures tell it.


Kristy said...

Looks like a blast! Disneyland is so much fun but like you said, you need more than one day to see it all.

Jennifer B. said...

So glad to see what a great time you had! Yes, it is definitely hard to see it all in one day! I hope you guys get to go again soon and also try out Disney World!