Thursday, August 09, 2012

Louisville slugger museum

Bryan had to go to Louisville for an interview for his naturalization to become a citizen so we made a family trip out of it.
We decided to go to the slugger museum. That is the kids and Bryan standing in front of the HUGE baseball bat.

Me holding a famous bat...too bad I don't remember whose...

And Kambria holding one too...wish I could remember the significance. you had to wear special  gloves in order to hold it, and only one person holding a bat at a time.

This is Cal Ripkin's bat...

Weston's first time hitting the ball. He did really well.

Kambria was good at it too! I have a bunch of naturals for kids!
 Bryan did well too :o)
The girls playing on the limestone baseball mit and ball

 Some pretty famous bats are held here...

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