Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Day at the beach, day 3

We spent tuesday at the beach.
Here is grandma and Weston taking in the sun.

Weston is shwoing Ainsley how it is done. Such a good big brother.
 She figured it all out and had a blast with all the digging...and eating of sand.
 Eric got to bury all the kids in the sand. Ainsley was even willing to participate.
 And then soon after, she FINALLY fell asleep with me holding her and putting a towel on her to block the sun.
 The kids found a big water hole and were jumping into it like a swimming pool. THey were all trying to be "the boss" of it. It was wuite fun to hear all the commotion from a distance.

 Some even did some wake boarding. Kambria and Madalyn were the best!

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Kristy said...

The beach can be so much fun and the best part of it is it's free!