Friday, May 02, 2008


We have had our fare share of adventures so far here in Chicago but there is always something fun to do and see. So hopefully you all are not bored by the many posts. Kambria loves having baths in our jetted bathtub...because it comes up higher and she has more "water" to play in. This is her playing with her new sunglasses.
One day we were walking around downtown and decided to find a mall. This is what we came upon on our search. This is called the Atrium mall. This is a basic picture of the 12, yes that is right 12 elevators going up and down. And to top that off, there is federal security that you have to go through to get on them. You would think you are in the airport!!! Come to find out, the mall is the first three floors and then the other floors are state/ government offices. That made more sense to us once we found that out. But still fun to see and aw at.

On the way home from the mall, we decided to stop at Ed Debevic's. This is a restaurant that is kind of like a 50's gunther toody's for those of you who know that restaurant. But both Bryan and I agree that Gunthers is a little better...
But Kambria sure had fun eating the Oreo malt we got to share! And wearing her hat!
They even got up on the counter and did YMCA dancing!! our waiter was the "nerd."
Later that night after kambria's nap, we went and found a playground for Kambria to play on. And then we drove home a different way. It was 31 cent ice cream scoops at Baskin Robbin that night, so we stopped off and got ice cream for dinner! I know not too nutritious, but it was spur of the moment and was sure good!!! On the drive home, we noticed there was more traffic than usual. Come to find out we were driving past Wrigley Baseball field where the Chicago Cubs were playing. It was fun to see the stadium as we drove by...and all the people going to the game.

So now we can say we have "been" to Wrigley Field. Last night was free family night at the Children's museum. So we went. They have a water display that kids can learn about water and how it functions and how we use it everyday. Kambria LOVED playing in the water...
I think Bryan liked playing in it too. ;o) But that is what Dad's are for!!!

At the end, Kambria was SOAKING wet even though they provide rain coats for you...We ended up having to change her clothes completely for her to get dry. Thank goodness I had an extra pair of clothes on hand!

So this is the giant flower that Kambria wanted to smell...too cute!
They have a fun display that consists of a screen with different things on them. If you place your hand, our yourself in front of it, the things start to "pile up." As you can see in this picture Kambria and Bryan are putting their hands on the screen and the rocks starts to pile up.
On this screen Bryan is holding out his arms and the butterflies are landing on him. It is a very interesting thing to see how it works.
This is Kambria inside the "shoe" from the little old lady who loved in a shoe.
And here is Bryan And Kambria in the same car that Kambria and I were in 7 months ago... She has grown up so much...and even has more can tell a little bit in these pictures.


Heather said...

You guys are having WAY too much fun! I'm so jealous.

Kristy said...

Love the posts. Keep 'em coming. You found some great things to do without spending tons of money. I'm jealous too.

Jensen Family said...

I also love reading and seeing the pictures of your adventures out there! So do keep them coming! Take Care!

ValSterBy said...

don't even worry about posting too much... in my opinion, there is no such thing!
what a fun time you are all having, so many things to do! way to go.

Andrews family said...

You guys look like you are just having a blast! I'm totally jealous. I'm glad you guys are enjoying Chicago!!