Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ice cream

So Friday night we decided to find some ice cream...but we wanted it to be special and unique to Chicago. So we used the book Leah gave me for my birthday last year and found Margie's ice cream. It was a lot of fun to go and see, but both Bryan and I agree that they need to update the place a little bit and then maybe we would think about going back...but we will not be going back again anytime soon. But once again I say it was a fun experience.

This is a guy across the room... it basically looked like a flower vase filled with ice cream...and he ate it himself!!!

This was my choice of dessert...turtle sundae. Man was it good...and they let you pour on your own hot fudge! It was incredible!
This was Bryan's choice...a chocolate cherry malt. It was good. So much so that Kambria ended up eating about half of it!!!

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Kristy said...

Looks so yummy! Now I am craving ice cream!