Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

This is a picture of Kambria eating peanut butter crackers...she eats the peanut butter and leaves the crackers. she here she is on mothers day having eaten all the peanut butter and holding the crackers in her hand. of course the wrapper is in her mouth!!!

Mother's day to recognize how much we truly love our mothers!! And now I get to be a part of this day in such a different way...being remembered as a mother.

But first I have to pay tribute to my own mother. I have not always thanked her enough for all she has done and CONTINUES to do for me. It was quite the experience living with her and my father again as a married person, I am sure for both her and me, but now that I am on my own again in Chicago, I do have to say that I miss them a lot...especially my mother. I feel like I always had someone else of the girl gender that would understand me and would be able to calm my soul when I had had a rough day with Kambria. My mother is truly an amazing person. I don't think I truly recognized what my mother really did for me growing up until I became a mother myself...and none-the-less to a girl...and one who is especially like me according to the stories I have heard. I am so grateful for the advice she continues to give me and helps me become the person I want to be. Thanks for everything mom!!!


Because of you, I seek after excellence in all things.

Because of you, I am excited by learning. (just not as much ;o))

Because of you, I love and appreciate beautiful things.

Because of you, I know and love the Gospel.

Because of you, I know what a good marriage looks like.

Because of you, I have talents to share.

Because of you, I am strong-willed.

Because of you, I want to be a good mother.

Because of you, I feel loved.

Because of you, I am glad to be me.

I truly honor you, Mom. I love you!

So what I did for mother's day...

Bryan made a wonderful breakfast...omelets!

He took care of Kambria and we went to church.

We came home from church and took a nap...then got up from the nap and had a wonderful dinner of tortellini and grilled zucchini. We even had brownies and ice cream!! (they were the left overs from the rainforest cafe!)

And then we got to talk to my mother and Bryan's mother. It was a great day!

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Kristy said...

Mom's are the best and I have a special place in my heart for your mom. She is great! As are you!