Monday, May 12, 2008

Rainforest and mothers day celebration...

So I told Bryan that I did not want a "gift" for mother's day. I do not want to have to take anything else back home to Colorado. So I told him I just wanted to go out to dinner. So we decided to go to the Rainforest Cafe. We had been wanting to go there,but it was kind of expensive for our budget right now. But as a mother's day gift, we justified going. I do have to say that I, nor Bryan, was very impressed. The food was not that great, the waitresses/ waiters were not too friendly, the host was not good and overall feeling was that we were not important.

Now I may be judging a little harshly, but when we FINALLY sat down after a 40 minute wait, while there were PLENTY of empty tables, and we told our waitress it was our first time there, I kind of expected her to explain the menu, give some suggestions or something....we got NOTHING!!!!

So after a while we finally made our choices and waited for our food. The only thing we did enjoy was the decorations. And so did Kambria.

So next time we go out...instead of trying to entertain Kambria I think we will go to the cheesecake factory, where we KNOW there is good food!!! enjoy the pictures.

This is not the best picture, but Kambria enojoyed the fish tanks!
The crocodile...
The frog..

Kambria waving to the camera.
The elephants that Kambria loved but was somewhat terrified of too...
The gorillas
The waterfall
The BIG dessert called the Volcano. It had a sparkler in it and everything. It was very yummy too!


Heather said...

Rainforest Cafe, for me, is a one time deal as well. The atmosphere is fun, but I wasn't impressed with the food either.

Kristy said...

I've never been but the dessert looks good to me.