Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Point Flowers

We went and walked around the gardens at Thanksgiving Point. We had walked around here last spring when they had the tulip festival and thought it was just so beautiful, so we were excited to go back and see what they had in their flower beds this year.
Kambria and Madalyn got a ride in the wagon from Erik.

Weston and Layna. Weston is such a ham for the camera!
Do I need to say anything else? That guy sitting next to me is the hottest guy I know!(Bryan is writing this can you tell?)

I just don't think the pictures do this justice. I looks so much better in person.

This was the rose garden. They had what seemed like 100's of different roses growing. It was so pretty. Our camera battery was running low, but these are some of the pictures Bryan took of the roses.

This was my favorite one of them all.

Layna smelling the roses!

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