Sunday, July 25, 2010

Great Grandma Jetta's

We went and spent a few hours with Grandma Jetta and Aunt Sherie. Bryan always loves to go and visit withthem, they are both just so much fun, and funny.
They got bubbles for the kids to play with outside...well, as you can see, the "kids" are playing with them.
Kambria just loves to play with bubbles. She is getting better at it too.

Sherie was helping Weston with his bubbles.

The bubbles only last so long and then they want to do something else. Kambria wanted to water the plants, and of course Weston wanted to too. We don't have to work very hard to get Weston to smile for the camera. What a cute little boy.

Sherie and Bryan were playing an I spy game with Weston.

Kambria playing where is Waldo with great grandma Jetta. Here are the four generations...Jetta, Dirk, Eliza & Kambria and Weston. How fun!


Dre said...

Congrats to Brady on getting married! Tess looks like a model. You guys look so happy. Weston is adorable. Hope you are enjoying TN.

Kristy said...

Your family is so cute. It looks like a fun trip home.