Monday, July 19, 2010

The Farm at Thanksgiving point

Layna and Madalyn went home and so did grandma and grandpa and Weston and daddy. But Leah and her kids and Kambria and I stayed and went to the Thanksgiving Point farm. My camera quit working (the battery died) halfway through Leah has to send me the rest of the video's and pictures we took of the kids riding the ponies! But these are the pictures I have.

The kids sitting on the cow. We could pay 25 cents to feed the goats. The kids did so good feeding them, and the goats knew what it was all about! Here is Chloe feeding the goats.
And the goats even climbed up on the fence to get to the kids!

The twins! Aren't they so cute in their matching clothes!

Kambria getting her fingers in there.
And coming away to tell me that they nibbled on her finger!
Hayden liked it when they climbed over the fence.
this was the chickens they could look at. And then my camera died. So Leah send the pics my way when you get a chance!

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