Monday, July 19, 2010

July 4th parade in UT

So on July 5th there is "big" parade in Provo, UT. People there CAMP OUT over night to get a spot to see this parade...let me tell you it was RIDICULOUS! We went to pick some bedding up from Scott and Jacqueline's house the night before and saw all of the madness! I wasn't sure if we should even go at that point, but Lisa and Erik wanted to we went. It turned out fine in the end...except that is was MAJORLY hot in the sun. We had no shade. So we ended up leaving early to beat all the traffic from this crazy place and went and had lunch at the mall together. So these pictures are mostly from the parade. some are from the mall eating lunch! We had fun! Kambria and Madalyn clapping for the parade.

This was a LONG fire engine that had to have a driver in the back of the truck too...I didn't get a very good picture but I thought I would put this one in for prosperity's sake!

Lisa and Layna.

clapping again!

The three cuties...they look all about the same size from the back sitting down.

Erik and Layna

A big military balloon.

Eating lunch at the mall.

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