Monday, July 19, 2010

Thanksgiving point with all cousins

We decided to go and visit the children's science park at Thanksgiving Point. Leah and her kids came along too! So Kambria and Weston had all their cousins there. It was fun...just a lot of little kids to keep happy and keep track of.

This was the first excitement we stopped for...the GRIZZLY!!! So it is Layna, Weston, Kambria and Hayden. There were some fishes that you could pay 25cents to feed. They were some BIG fish! This is Weston and daddy feeding the fish...with Madalyn too!

Here are the twins Chloe and Ella
And Hayden... These were the lilies in the pond. Bryan and I thought they were GORGEOUS!
Kambria and Hayden are building blocks at one of the stations.
And here is Layna and Weston building blocks
And Grandma and Lisa had to get in on the action ;o)
After we had been through the walking and "science" part of the discovery center we went back to the beginning and let the kids play in the Noah's ark spray fountain and get wet. It was not working that day, but the kids just had fun splashing in the water. They did not know any different.
Kambria and Hayden found some sprayers that were working. They sprayed water out from the cement. They had fun waiting for it to squirt out. Here is Hayden getting ready to "catch" the water. Then they figured out it was funny to sit on it and spray up.
Weston and grandma playing peek-a-boo.

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