Monday, July 19, 2010

swim park

The next day on July 6th we went to the swimming pool up in Orem/provo. It was a fun splash park..although we had our fair share of "fun" times that were not so fun...Kambria ended up having a little "accident" that I got to clean up...not so fun. I had to take her to the bathroom since I knew she needed to go and when we got in there, I noticed it was ALL over her. I took her to the shower and used the soap, thank goodness, that they had. After we were done I was afraid I was going to have to go tell the lifeguard, but the pool was already shut down. I was so grateful I didn't have to say anything...except to family...Bryan didn't even know it was her. So it was shut down for about 15-20 minutes. I put one of Weston's swim diapers on her! I was not going to do that again!

But here is Weston being a fish in the water. It was a very gradual slope into the water and he LOVED it. we would lay on his belly and "swim."
And here he is saying cheese for the his model pose ;o) With the splash park in the background.
I just thought they were too cute to pass up posting all of these. He is my little fish once he is comfortable enough by himself in the water.
This is a picture of Madalyn going down the slide...with Kambria RIGHT behind her. Not that you can really tell...but it is them.

Kambria in all her glory!the three little ones playing together... After this Bryan was told that he can not take pictures at the swim park...for the customer's safety. So this was all the pictures we got...

So two "fun" things we got in "trouble" for! ;o)

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