Monday, July 19, 2010

July 2nd and 3rd fun

We had some homegrown fireworks planned before we headed out to UT for the 4th. So on july 2nd we bought some fireworks. Kambria and Weston had a grand time. This was fun for us all.
this is a little video of the kids enjoying the snapper fireworks.

Kambria holding the snappers
And Weston holding the snakes...which by the way are the DUMBEST fireworks ever. All they do is make a mess!On July 3rd, they have a fun parade and fair in a small town called Pegram. We thought we would go and see what it was all about. It was fun for the kids.

This is all the candy that Kambria collected from the parade! There were not any floats and such, but a TON of candy and people were even giving out Popsicles! Her we are at the fair part of the parade. We left for a little while and dropped off Bryan's car to get fixed while we were out of town and later that night came back for the fireworks. Looking back i do not know if it was such a good idea seeing that we only got 3 hours of sleep that night, but we had fun and it was good memory making!
Here is Weston enjoying his chair time. I only brought one chair, since that is all we have for the kids and he is grinning ear to ear knowing that it was his turn in the chair while Kambria was up dancing to the live music! Here Bryan and I are trying to take a picture together. Not too bad. Bryan is good enough on our camera that he even got some good shots of the fireworks show.

This is a video of the kids dancing before the fireworks show.
We enjoyed our little family time before we headed out to UT to see extended family..more to come on that!

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