Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Carving pumpkins

So we had fun for FHE carving pumpkins. Bryan really got into it, but KAMBRIA was so excited she could hardly stand it. When you took away the pumpkin she threw a fit. So my mother watched her and helped her carve most the night. Thanks mom!! Here are the pictures to prove she was having so much fun!

Here she starts with the pumpkin...Then she shows how you pat the 'nice" pumpkins
And here she is digging her hand inside...
and then putting the "gupe" on the table I know, we all think she is so cute!!! but who can resist!!

Here is the family helping Kambria help Tess take the insides out of her pumpkin...by the way all of these pumpkins were home grown thanks to my mother! She definitely has the green thumb of the family!Tess and my dad posing with knives for a camera shot

And mine and Bryan's finished product! mine is the one on the left and Bryan's is on the right!...he had a pattern and mine is original!!! Sorry there are no photos of me...I was the one taking the pictures...pictures with me in them are coming...we are going up to Fort Collins tonight to participate in Bryan's parents' ward party since our ward does not have one (the bishopin our ward is against Halloween parties I guess)...so pictures are coming!

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Heather said...

Cute pumpkins. I did a sideways one too!