Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More on chicago...

So I have a couple more minutes to type about our trip while Kambria is sleeping...

So after seeing Milennium Park Kambria and I found our way to the Cultural Center where we were to meet our personal greeter tour huide Jodi. We cahtted for a while and then she took us on a tour throught the cultural center and showed us some interesting things about the building that we never would have known...

This is a Tiffany stained glass that is trying to get funded to get cleaned.

This is the GAR room which stands for Grand Replublic Army who owned this building in the beginning.

This is how they used to get light from the sky dome through the second floor to the first floor when they didnt have electricity back in the old days. So this is the ground you walk on of the seond lights frmo the first floor is what you are standing on.

This is a close up of a bronzed cow's left eye. It is a picasso sculpture wearing a cubs hat. Don't ask me why, I don't know...they LOVE their Cubbies I guess.

This is the cow's right eye which is a picture of the Sears tower...yes we did go...more on that later.

This is Kambria and I on the of the few pictures of us together thanks to our greeter Jodi! YOu ahve to forgive Kambria's was bright looking into the sun and she ws a little nervous about the "big" cow.

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