Thursday, October 11, 2007

The end of the first day in the zoo and the rest of the day

So after we said good bye to Jodi, our greeter, Kambria and I headed for the Chicago zoo. We just had to get off the us that we were already on at the very last stop. I ended up talking to a mother of 3 little boys who were headed for the science museum which is right next door to the zoo. So she made me feel a little bit better about the whole bus thing. And she talked very nicely about Chicago being a fun place to raise your kids with lots of things to do on a daily basis if you wanted. It is a free zoo and so not may people were there. We did not stay long, since we had to pick up dad in 2 hours, but we saw the exhibits we wanted to see - mainly the tigers and the monkeys. And of course the farm animals, since you could get up to them close.
This is when Kambria got really excited to see the big monkey and wanted to touch it!This is one of my favorite pictures. Kambria is climbing through a big "EGG" and was having such a fun time going from side to side. She would giggle and laugh and even made the others around do the same. I got a lot of compliments about how good natured she is and how much she looks like me.
This is the tractor that she wanted to play on with all the rest of the kids.

This is the view we got while at the zoo. This is how close we were to Lake Michigan. It was an absolutely beautiful day!!

So we went and picked up Bryan and walked back to the car. This is Bryan standing on the north bridge of the Chicago River. Doesn't he look like a student already~?

After this we drove up the North Shore Drive to try and find where we needed to go the next day since Bryan would be on the Evanston campus and not the Chicago campus. While driving around, we got a little lost, due to the fact that it was dark outside now, and that we only had directions from the hotel to the campus--not from campus to campus. Eventually we found our way out and we stopped at Subway fro dinner since Kambria was screaming. I had given her a few smakowiki (polish snacks) that had chocolate on them. BIG MISTAKE. She had it all over her hair so when we finally had the subway in hand, we drove back to the hotel and ate it there, while we gave Kambria a bath! She was quite funny in didn't help having dad spraying water in her face!

Don't worry about her "crying"! She has learned how to throw fits and she ended up laughing after I ended the video. So you all don't think Bryan is a horrible dad...she had a lot of fun in the bath.

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