Monday, October 29, 2007

Our friends

This weekend we went and saw our friends Dre and Nate. I have not seen her while she is pregnant yet...she is 7 months! And we even live only about 20 minutes away. BUT none the less, we saw them this weekend and we Had a blast. we caught up on each others' lives and family members and what our near future holds...we ate dinner, which was homemade fettuccine Alfredo, watched the Rockies world series game on the TV, and played the Europe version of Ticket to ride, or known by us as the Train game. It was fun, but a challenge when you have a 14 month old running around a non-kidified apartment. But I managed to get through it with only one fit...which everyone agreed was definitely drama queen! And on top of it all Bryan won with 125 points...Dre was not far behind with 118! and then there was me at 90! Oh well. It was a fun night and we even got a picture--it was requested by our friends Jeff and Tammy!

Then on Sunday we drove up to Fort Collins to be at church witha his family and spent the day with Lisa and Erik and Madalyn. It was a fun day...we got home around 9:30! But it was well worth it. We went to a brand new park which was WAY cool. It had a little kids area for 2-5 year olds and a bigger area. there were even parts which were handicapped accessible! I thought that was REALLY cool. There were so many "new" areas of a park that I have never seen before. It was fun and we walked around the park and played for about an hour and a half!!! That just goes to show how fun it really was!

Here are some pictuers of Kambria in her cute church dress.

So that was the weekend...and now this week is the count down for Bryan not working at allosource any more. only 3 days to go!!! Then school begins next Monday! I can not believe 10 months have already passed and we are in school again, I say we, because I know and am willing to help Bryan study and get through this school.


Kristy said...

Dre looks so happy and tiny for 7 months along, but I guess thats the perks of being tall. Kambria is cute as usual.

Tamie said...

ok, so i don't know how you don't just spend tons of money on clothes for kambria when you are in a store. it is hard enough for me not to buy cute clothes for my boys when i'm out shopping....if i had a little girl...i think that we would be in serious finacial trouble (not really, but there is that possibility)
so totally cute!!!!

Sarah and Nate said...

Dre looks is hard to believe she's going to have a baby in 2 months! Adorable dress! How do you get her to keep that hat on?

Eliza said...

That is the only reason she is smiling becasue I am trying to get her to leave her hat on for the photos...we were making it a game! it only lasted about 3 minutes and then it was off!

Angella said...

okay, so... 1) Kambria is so dang cute in that little costume! 2) I didn't know that Dre got married and is now expecting a baby. Wow! Time really does fly by. Will you please pass the message on to her that we say hello?